Congregational United Church of Christ, Armada Michigan

Congregational United Church of Christ, Armada
73966 South Fulton
Armada, MI 48005
Phone: (586) 784-5901

Handicap accessible church in Michigan with elevatorThis church has full handicap accessibility and an elevator at the side entrance.

Service Times

All are welcome at Christ's table.


Worship & Church School 10:00 am


Choir practice 6:30 pm

Holy Communion

First Sunday of every month and special services.


Missions and Ministries
Please take a look around and see all the ways our church has helped others.

Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM)

This describes the work we do as the United Church of Christ beyond the local church… through our Conferences, national ministries and UCC-related institutions.

Families in Need
This was a special donation for a couple of families in our congregation who were experiencing some difficult times over the spring and summer. We gave them money and food.
Neighbors in Need
This is for justice and advocacy work for those in need.
General Synod
This bake sale was to help support hosting General Synod, our national denominational meeting, hosted in Michigan in 2009.
Community Food Bank
Our church donates nonperishable food items for our local Community Food Bank dedicated on the last Sunday every month.
Macomb County Habitat for Humanity
Donations of lightly used furniture, building materials, gardening supplies, doors, windows, tools and appliances to build homes for low-income families in need.
Diaper Drive
Donation of diapers for Mike and Jen King who had quadruplets.
Giving Tree
Designated gift items and grocery for local needy families.
Christmas Fund
Donation to the pension boards and United Church Board of Ministerial Assistance to provide financial assistance to 1500 clergy, clergy families and lay workers in the UCC family. The Fund provided pension and health premium supplementation for the low income retirees.
CUE (Chicago United Eden)
This offering is for UCC seminary students to fulfill their calling at the three UCC seminaries in this part of the nation.
Mt. Zion UCC Community Meal
We help prepare and serve a community meal at Zion UCC in Mt. Clemens.
Box of Socks
Donation of socks for the Macomb County Homeless Education Project in helping children.
Strengthen the Church
This supports leadership for new and revitalizing congregations, programs for youth and young adults, leadership development, efforts to grow as a multiracial, multicultural church.
MCREST (Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team)
This provides food and shelter for the homeless in Macomb County.
Macomb County Homeless Education Project
This project is for donating school supplies for homeless students.
Tools of Hope
Donations are given Church World Services provides tools to US people and worldwide, who are rebuilding their homes after suffering natural disasters and other tragic events.
Blanket Sunday
Donations are given to Church World Services to provide blankets for disaster victims throughout the world, including the US and North America.
One Great Hour of Sharing
This is aid for struggling communities with basics like education, health care, tools, seeds, and wells.


Our small congregation has done so much to be good stewards, and serve our community in many ways. There has also been Acts of Stewardship within our own church. We have hardworking people helping with snow removal, grass cutting and garbage removal. Many people donating their time to clean the church and church bathrooms. There are many donations of cleaning and kitchen supplies. And, we have a Summer Adventure program with proceeds going to the church.

Christian Education
This committee shall select materials and teachers for the Sunday school program and provide opportunities for Adult Education to the members of the Congregation.
Stewardship Committee
This committee shall oversee an annual pledge drive during the month of September under the supervision of the Church Council, soliciting annual pledges from members, regular visitors or friends of the Church to maintain the activities of the Church.
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Spiritual gift analysis link
Fellowship Committee
This committee will seek and or create opportunities for the congregation in interact in a friendly and supportive manner.

Other Ministry Opportunities in our Church

Additional opportunities within our Church to become a committee member and volunteer.

is the governing body of the Church between Congregational meetings.
Nominating Committee
shall prepare a ballot nominating at least one person for each vacancy to be filled at the Annual Election Meeting.
Audit Committee
shall audit the accounts of the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary annually and report its findings to the Council.
shall represent the Congregation at the State Conference, the Association and similar fellowships in which the Church holds membership.
Endowment Committee
is regulated by the provisions of the Planned Giving / Endowment Fund Program and shall report jointly to the Board of Trustees and the Church Council.
Fund Raising Committee
shall seek out creative ways to raise monies for the Church.
Memorial Committee
shall record, maintain and acknowledge an accurate accounting of memorial gifts to the Church.
Building & Grounds Committee
shall seek to improve the properties of the Church. It shall recommend capital improvements and perform maintenance activities.
Music Committee
shall maintain the music, hymnals, robes and instruments of the Church.

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